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Resource Specialist

Resource Specialist Program



The Special Education Resource Program at Gordon J. Lau serves approximately 24-32 students per year at all grade levels. Students qualify for the program by having specific learning disabilities as determined by a school psychologist.

The resource program offers support and instruction based on   students’ needs, Individual Education Program (IEP) goals, and the amount of service minutes written into their IEP. One-on-one, small group and classroom support is offered.

Collaboration with teachers, parents, and support staff is important to assist students with learning challenges. The goal is to have students participate in the general education classroom at the highest level possible. Modifications and accommodations for classroom work and testing are considerations for students with learning differences.

The Resource Specialist Program offers a prescriptive approach in teaching reading, writing and math. For example, the Read Naturally Program is used to increase reading fluency and comprehension. The SIPPS program helps students develop phonics and word attack skills. A step-by-step approach is used to assist in teaching math, reading and writing. Reaching students at a level where they can continue to learn and progress is an important goal of the program.

Thank you teachers and staff for all of your great work with the special education students at Lau.