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Use the web address of to get to the Gordon J. Lau Elementary School website.

Gordon J. Lau Elementary School
950 Clay Street, San Francisco, California, 94108
Phone: 415-291-7921 Fax: 415-291-7952
School Hours: 8:40 am. to 2:40 pm.
Tours: Tuesdays, by appointment, 9:00 am.

Also, see the SFUSD Parent Resources at the SFUSD Homepage for more info on Special Education, Lunch Program, Enrollment, etc.

All children can learn.  Learning does not end at the school door. This can become reality when parents, teachers, and students unite in a teaching and learning team. Parents are an essential triad team member. Without the support of parents, the triad lacks support. We want our children to continually succeed in school. Parents and family members can do a lot to support our children's education. Below are some ways we can support our child's learning. 


Q. Is safe for my child and I to use?

A. Yes. It was designed from the ground up for Gordon J. Lau Elementary students, parents, and staff to use. No personal information is stored or shared.

Q. What applications do my child use at Gordon J. Lau Elementary that she can continue using at home?

A. There are 5 applications your child mainly uses at Gordon J. Lau Elementary that also can be used at home. They are:

  1. SFUSD Google Apps - Free. Students can use Google Apps to do writing, drawing, spreadsheets, slideshows, etc. Ask the teacher for the account login information.
  2. Lexia Reading Core5 software. Ask the teacher for the account login information.


Online Tutoring from SF Library (free, chat only)
Scholastic Homework Hub
Tutorvista (low cost, 24/7 on 31 different subjects. Live human help via the internet. Computer. speakers, and microphone needed.)
Other - College Board (9 to 12th grades) | Kaplan
Math is essential. Daily math practice is important for your child's math development. Have your child do Everyday Math Online. Ask your teacher for the Login information.


Read to your child or encourage them to read on their own 25 minutes a day. Ask questions on what they read. Discuss with them questions of who, what, when, where, why and how in what they read.

Alphabetic Principle Defined

Big Ideas in Beginning Reading

PBS Parents Reading & Language: (Note the “Select an age” section and the “Bookfinder” that allows you to select books by age.)

PBS Parents “What Is Phonics?”

PBS Teachers: Early Childhood Resources for Teachers



Phonemic Awareness in Beginning Reading (and links in menu on left)

Phonemic Awareness—Pre-reading Skills






About the Gordon J. Lau Instructional Program

Safe, Responsible and Respectful Internet Use for Our Children

Non-technical tips for parents who want "safe" sites for their children

Need to send a fax but don't have a fax machine? Use! Send inquiries to

Teamviewer (screen share)

You may need to download Flip4Mac and Quicktime 7 players to run some web based applications.


Let's find out what your child is learning. Talk to your child's teacher. Then you can support your child with homework. Check if they finished it. Did they have questions on it?

Do you want to know what your child will learn? See the California State Standards.