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Use the web address of to get to the Gordon J. Lau Elementary School website.


Getting support you need in school is important for your success!  How can I get help?


  • Ask your teacher. We are here to help.
  • Get a study-buddy! Talk with them at school. Ask your parents if you can also talk by phone. Keep a notebook.
  • Write a list of homework assignments and the dates they are due. No matter how good your memory may be, you still should write down your assignments. Check your homework off when you are done.
  • Write down your questions for things you need to know.
  • You can succeed! Start by getting help and getting organized!
  • Online Tutoring from SF Library (It's free! Chat only.)
  • Scholastic Homework Hub
  • Tutorvista (Computer and microphone needed. Low cost, 24/7 help using voice and visuals. Live person tutoring over internet.)