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Build Good Study Habits

Ways to Build Good Study Habits

  • PRIORITIZE   Do your homework first!  Play later.  When doing homework, don't be careless.  Do it neatly.  Use your best penmanship.   Time yourself.  How much time did it take?  Can you do it faster?
  • PUT IN THE TIME TO STUDY   Use the alarm clock below.  Set your study time.  You can study better by putting in the time to study.  What can you study?
  • LEARN SOMETHING NEW  Study new vocabulary words for 20 minutes every other day.  Test yourself.  Time yourself.  How many new words did you learn?  How much time did it take you?
  • READ!  READ!  READ!   You can learn more without anybody telling you.  Visit:
  • WRITE!  WRITE!  WRITE!  Keep a writing book. Be an author.  Write down your good ideas.  Make them into a story.  Write a list of things you learned, things to do for today, directions on how to make something, and much more.
  • SPEAK!  SPEAK!  SPEAK!  Talk to your family and friends about things you've learned, things you would like to learn, the books you read, something new that happened at school today, a problem you would like to solve, and much more!
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