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Administer IAB and SBAC Assessments


Student SBAC Practice test.


SBAC Practice test resources (answers).


1.0 Administering the IAB (Interim Assessment Block (formative assessment at or the SBAC (summative assessment at


1.1  LOGIN to the IAB & SBAC Test Administrator Interface.

Select the "Test Administrator Interface" and login.   (See "Intro to SBAC administration.")


1.2 USE THE SBAC Administration Script
          Please read the script to students at each testing session.  


       Click on tab of bottom of the page to go to the SBAC schedule.  (Please double check you are viewing the correct schedule.)


1.4  A Guiding Scenario ... (what it looks like)

a. Set up signs.  "Do not disturb" sign on door.  "No Devices" sign on wall.
b. Remove all test-related items from wall
c. Put up dividers between the Chromebooks.  Students should not be able to see other's screens.
d. Have students start up the SBAC Secure Browser on the Chromebook.  They click on Apps (bottom left) at the login screen.  Students wait quietly.

e. Teacher gets hardcopy of SBAC administration script.
f. Teacher logs in to their Test Admin account.
g. Teacher chooses test(s) for the test session.
h. Test session ID is generated.  Teacher writes the Session ID on board

 i. Teacher gets the student assessment tickets from secure location.
 j. Teacher passes out student assessment tickets.  (Students should not pass the assessment tickets out.  They are secure material.)
 k. Student logs in and confirms their identity.


  l. Student flips assessment ticket face down on table after they login.  (Students should not let others see their assessment ticket.  Each student must only use their own ticket or the test is breached and must be reported immediately.)
  m. Student selects test.  Awaits "approval" to take test.  

  n. At the teacher's computer, teacher give students approval -- "Approve all".
  o. Students can start taking test.

p.  Teacher collects login cards from the students.  (Teacher locks the student assessment tickets in a secure location.)

q.  Student finishes test early?  Student does a silent activity -- read a book, Lexia Core5.  All students remain quiet until test session is over for the whole class.
r.  At the end of test session, have students press Pause.  (Chromebooks can stay on.)
s.  Teacher presses "Stop Session".  (If scratch paper was handed out, it must be collected and shredded.)
t. Teacher erases test session ID from the board. The test session is now completed.  


u.  At the next test session, the above procedure is used again.  Students log in and continue the test with the new test session ID.  (Each test session gets a new test session ID.)
v. When students are completely done with the test, teacher gives permission to press End Test.  Students should not End Test unless teacher gives permission.





2.1  Parent Letter home


 2.1  SBAC Training 
             Staff Introduction to the SBAC (created by AAO, edited by the Tech Resource)


2.2  SBAC (Smarter Balanced Computer Consortium) Resources
SFUSD site


 2.3  SBAC California Department of Education

ETS site