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2017 Chinese New Year Parade

Student Homepage

Starfall at Lau ES

   (Licensed Lau ES.) 



   (Non-licensed version.) 


Peep Big Wide World


Scholastic News


ABC ya math!


Sum Dog math




Draw, Paint, Color


The San Diego Zoo

Clever Instant Login


Lexia Core5 Reading


myOn Reading


ESL Games Plus (vocabulary)


Kids Spell


SFPL (SF Public Library) SFPL Internet Use Policy


Imagine Learning


Dr. Seuss Reading


Grammar Gallery (Students)


ESL Brainpop


iChinese Reader


Tumble E-books


Book Adventures




Free Rice Vocabulary


ESL Vocabulary


Scholastic 1st Grade


Khan Academy


SF Library


Educational Videos

Google Classroom


Google Drive


IXL Math and Reading


Tenmarks math


Scratch Programming


Computer Science k-2

Computer Science 3-5


Coding with Stephen Curry


Google Doodle




Open SF History






"Seesaw" app


Prowise Connect




Reading Inventory


Lexia Login (use only if Clever does not work.)


myOn Reading  (Use only with teacher permission.)


Illuminate HC


(sound test)

Use this to test headset sound.  Any sound?  If not, check the setting.  Un-plug, plug back in.

Lau Elementary School Dance!

Hour of Code (Fun programming)


Tynker for (coding for )


See a video on Computer Science: 

PK-2 / 3-5 / 6-8 / 9-12



Hour of Code - "... is an annual program dedicated to raise awareness of computer science and to underscore the critical role of computing in all careers. The week is held in recognition of Grace Hopper’s birthday (12/09/1906), who invented the first compiler and coined the term “bug” (an error in a program) after removing an actual moth from a computer in 1947."  


Learn Computer Science!  Will you be our next computer scientist?  A great career!  At least 1,000,000 new jobs in Computer Science need to be filled by the year 2020!   It's the fastest growing career!  

Are you finished with your first hour?    Have more fun!  More tutorials!


Who made this?  Visit!


Cool Math  |  Foss Web Science 


Learning Games  |  Multiplication  |  Starfall (regular, unsubscribed)