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Are you trying to level books for your classroom?

We have the Fountas and Pinnell book in the library

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Literature to meet Common Core Spirals

Persuasive Arguments:

I Wanna Iguana by Karen Kaufman Orloff
Dear Mrs. LaRue by Mark Teague
Earrings by Judith Viorst
Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive the Bus by Mo Willems
My Brother Dan’s Delicious by Steven L. Lane
Hey Little Ant by Phillip M. Hoose
Should We Have Pets? by Sylvia Lollis
Spider and the Fly

Duck! Rabbit! is a great intro to argument/perspective 
George vs. George has been on a few lists too.

Should There Be Zoos? by Tony Stead

A fine fine school  - MORE SCHOOL??? ! : ) good discussion starter if predictable answers.. 

Can I Keep Him? by Steven Kellogg

Click Clack Moo

La Rue for Mayor

My Teacher For President



Short Novels
The Cruisers - Walter Dean Myers
Miracle's Boys - Jacqueline Woodsoon
Toni Morrison Picture Books
The Big Box
The Book of Mean People 
The Book of Mean People Journal
Japanese Internment
My Dog Teny 
Barbed Wire Baseball
Fred Korematsu: All American Hero
The three above titles are reviewed on the common core blog
The Wolf Girls: An Unsolved Mystery From History
Made You Look: How Advertising Works and Why You Should Know
Breaker Boys: How a Photo Helped End Child Labor
Pair it up with Kids on Strike!
How to Fake a Moon Landing: Exposing the Myths of Science Denial
The Watertower by Gary Crew
Simply put, this is my hands down favorite picture book!!!
Wonderfully ambiguous and detail rich. The art and the text support an incredible array of different conclusions. You can find details that will firmly support competing assessments of what exactly happened in the story. I have been sharing this book with kids for years, and it is still possible for a kid to offer an interpretation that I had not considered. 
It is always fun to see how kids assemble the details to support varying

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