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Kinder and 1st Grades


*Plug in theme/topic:
This site has a lot of options.  You can utilize their search box and put any specific theme, topic, academics, etc.  There are also links to other sites.

*Great Printables:
You can find all sorts of theme specific items here.  You can make book covers with pages to match the shape.  There are printable signs for your classroom use such as word wall lists and classroom signs.

*Access to a lot of teacher resource sites:
Here you will find several pages of educational web sites with descriptions of each site.   It is especially helpful to scan and only open up those sites that are relevant to your needs.

*Great Printables and on-line activities:
Find activities that children can do on-line or things that teachers can print out to do with the group.  There are seasonal as well as thematic activities.

*Printable alphabet pages!
This site has some cool pages that you can print.  You can customize or use their abc tracing pages.  There are also pages for pre-writing skills.  Plus there are a lot of craft ideas.

*Literacy Program:
This site is great!  There is a featured book with activities for each week (due to our schedules I have added books and activities to my files to use during down times such as August, September, and June - just ask me).  The work is basically done for you.  You probably already have most of the books on the list anyway!  There are a lot of graphing skills and author/illustrator activities.

*Jan Brett- Need more be said?
There are activities and printouts for most of your favorite Jan Brett classics.  There are also printable alphabets with characters from the books.

Kindergarten specific sites:
This is a site I found that has a bunch of different kindergarten web sites.  Some are good- some aren't.

*Copycat Magazine:
This is the magazines web site with fun printables that include puppets, masks, etc.  There is also an archive page.


Common Core How to Spiral:


Sopa de Frijoles/Bean Soup" by Jorge Argueta

Easy animal origami.  Harbo, Christopher.

Folding Fun Origami for Ages 4 and up.  Boursin, Didier

Easy origami toys. Harbo, Christopher.  (or any easy & basic origami)
Growing Vegetable Soup. Ehlert, Lois.
Harry builds a house.  Radford, Derek.
Look at my book: How kids can write and illustrate terrific books.  Leedy, Loreen.
Look what I did with a leaf!  Sohi, Morteza E.
Making Shaped Books. Chapman, Gillian.
Your first garden book.  Brown, Marc Tolon.

Oh and a very fun one that'll keep them laughing …
11 experiments that failed.  Offill, Jenny.