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Workshop Materials

Workshop Materials

PD 9/26


Please review the following websites.

NOTES:  Click on the links below.  Due to the layers of security by the SFUSD intranet, you may be asked to login twice.  You may also be asked to identify if the computer type is either private (8 hour) or public (10 minutes)..  Use your username and password to log into numbers 1 to 5 below.  Item 6 requires a different login username and password.  Lastly, if you may see a message that you will be redirected to another site, click ok.

1. Link to Access the grade level ELD units and materials

2. Link to Grades 2-5 ELA/Math CLAs and blueprints

3. Link Data Director on where to access the grades 2-5 Math/ELA CLAs

4. Link to Chinese Bi-literacy Core Curriculum

5. Link to Math Core Curriculum


6. Link to My Grammar Gallery at


WORKSHOP AGENDAS Education City (April 8 and 15, 2010)

School Loop (April 7 and 9, 2010)


Q and A

Q. Is safe for my child and I to use?

A. Yes. It was designed from the ground up for Gordon J. Lau Elementary students, parents, and staff to use. No personal information is stored or shared.