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Purpose of SSC

Each SFUSD school must have an elected School Site Council (SSC) to represent parents, students, community members, and school staff in the school governance process. The SSC has a number of important responsibilities, including:

  • Reviewing and analyzing student achievement data,
  • gathering community input,
  • helping develop the Balanced Scorecard/Single Plan for Student Achievement (BSC/SPSA) and the school site budget,
  • and monitoring the implementation of the plan and budget.

Elected to School Site Council

Jennifer Bjornsen Parent
Eric Huynh Parent
Su Chen Lei Parent
Lucy Marduli Parent
Yuan Yuan Xu Parent
Margaret Lee Teacher
Edna Rodriguez Teacher
Katherine Woo Teacher
Tammy Yan

Other Staff

Gloria Choy


Ana Zoraya Cruz-Lopez Parent Alternate
Tim Fung Teacher Alternate
Nancy Strickland Teacher Alternate
Barbara Benigni Teacher Alternate


Meeting Agendas and Minutes