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Afterschool Learning Program (ASLP)

ASLP Description


Gordon J Lau After-School Program


The EsCEL After-School Program (ASP) at Gordon J Lau Elementary is an after school program designed to provide students a well rounded experience. Each day, students are partaking in enrichment classes, recreation activities, and homework assistance time. Through the theme of community involvement and more specifically “service learning”, we believe that these students will ultimately see what potential they have in themselves and what a difference they can actually make.


Every day, structured enrichment workshops are planned and executed by highly qualified staff to provide students with an experience they normally would otherwise not get. These experiences focus on their understanding of what a community is and are designed to help them develop a sense of belonging and giving back to the communities they are a part of through different ways.


In addition to their enrichment workshops, students are encouraged to be more physically active and consume a healthier diet. Through recess, nutrition, cooking, and sport workshops as well as collaborations with other school sites and organizations, the ASP’s goal is to show students a fun, easy, and healthier alternative choice that they may not have known was available


To further enhance our service to the students, they are provided with academic assistance through homework time. The idea behind homework time is to provide students a quiet time where they can focus on completing their homework, and to get the help when they do not understand. The ASP staff is trained to provide assistance and help teach alternate solution paths for the student while still having them solve the problem themselves. This year, our focus is to help students increase on their CST scores through more individualized and subject based tutoring.


Lastly, we strive to enrich the lives of their families as well as the individual students. Through family dinners and outings, the ASP staff strive to help families bond better by providing them family time and ideas that they can do as a family on their own. Also, these dinners and outings are designed to help provide a network for the families  and show them available resources they can use in the future.