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ELD Galaxy

From: Barbers,Brenda
To: Group_ES_GordonJLau
Subject: Engagement Strategies & Spelling Homework

Dear colleagues,

I found two links you might find useful for descriptions of engagement strategies:
http://www.realclassroomideas.com/168.html (The last 4 links on this page did not work.)

I look forward to exchanging ideas with you in all the content areas. Here are some we discussed at yesterday's staff meeting.

Spelling Homework Ideas
Monday: Alphabetize
Tuesday: Spelling Sums
Wednesday: Descriptive Spelling Sentences ("I do not know what rigid means," or "The teacher is very rigid," are not good examples of descriptive sentences.)
Thursday: Try, Copy, Try

Maisie Dea's Idea:
Copy the sentence, substitute the spelling word with a synonym.

Edna Rodriguez's Idea:
Make a syllable chart. Divide each word according to its syllable(s) and place it in the correct column.

Other Ideas (also for differentiated levels):
Make a crossword puzzle with the spelling words. Write a clue for each spelling word.
Put the spelling words into a Parts of Speech Chart.
For each word, change/add letters to make a new word with the same spelling pattern. (Make a collage with words of the same spelling pattern. --Indira Larios)
Choose 5 words misspelled on your Spelling Pre-Test and write the first paragraph of a (scary) story with these words.
Copy examples of text outside of the classroom where the spelling words appear and submit them at the end of the week. Student can take photographs to incorporate technology.
Cut individual letters from magazines and piece together a group of spelling words. (kinesthetic)
Spelling art: form word pictures from the spelling words that are representative of the words' definition.

Reading Worksheets


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