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1. Email, Bulletins, Calendar 2. sfusd.ILLUMINATEed.com 3. IAB & SBAC CAASPP.ORG Administration 4. Synergy 5. School Loop 4. SRI / SAM 5. (E-rate) Digital Citizenship, Internet Safety 6. "Mandatory Reporter" Training 7. Review 360 Universal Screener --------------------- 11. Gordon J. Lau Elementary Lab Schedule 12. Lexia Core5 Reading Manager 13. Nearpod Lessons 14. Google Classroom & Apps 15. Newsela (Teacher Sign-in) 16. Keyboarding / Typing ---------------------- 17. Technology Resources 18. Technology Lead ----------------------- 21. SFUSD Assessment Calendar 24. EL Resources 26. Other 28. Collaborate 30. Promethean Tools SFUSD Development ------------------------- Physical Education Resources ------------------------ Add Educational Websites for Students Safe Internet Use Teachers get their class into the Loop! Teacher Special Tools Support Center ED TECH
1. Typing 2. Lexia Reading Core5 3. Google Classroom & Apps 4. Newsela (news for kids) 5. Nearpod Lessons 6. Math -- tenmarks.com ------------------------- 7. SRI - Scholastic Reading Inventory (take the inventory) 8. Illuminate (for students) 9. SBAC -- Common Core Assessment 10. Other Safe Internet Use 65. Khan Academy 70. Youtube Education 12. Educational Sites 13. Health 14. Tumble E-books 0. Tech Activities for Students 0. Sites Recommended by Teachers Math Music News Reading Science Spelling ------------------------ Build Good Study Habits Writing Word Tools Search -------------------------- Students get into the Loop! Support Center 15. EL Resource
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